What To Bring Camping

Cabin Camping Photo

Ready to start packing? Our Camping Checklist will get you started. And don’t worry if you forget a toothbrush; the KOA Kampground Store has just about anything you’ll need.

Whether you choose to sleep in a tree-shaded tent, a cozy Kabin or a spacious Lodge, you’ll discover that camping is among the most relaxing, rejuvenating vacations you can take. No longer reserved for rugged athletes, camping is for everyone who seeks adventure, inspiring wilderness, and the quiet, simple pace of outdoor living.

Tent Camping
Nearly all KOAs offer a wide selection of spacious, level sites with picnic tables, water spouts and fire pits. Many campgrounds also offer access to a free camping kitchen, electricity plug-ins, and a utility sink for dish washing. Some KOA Kampgrounds even offer Tent Villages with a patio, windbreak, canopy cover and lockable storage cabinets. In addition to our basic camping checklist, here are some tips for tent campers:

  • New tent? Practice setting it up in the backyard before going on a trip.
  • Invest in good sleeping equipment. Choose air mattresses, cots, or sleeping bags that will give you adequate rest so you can get the most out of your daytime activities.
  • Stay dry:
    • Use a ground cloth under your tent as protection from rips and moisture.
    • Use the rain fly, even if the sky looks clear.
    • To prevent rain from leaking into your tent, apply a seam sealant to the inside and outside of all exposed tent seams.
  • Keep your tent clean:
    • A whisk broom is handy for sweeping out dirt and leaves.
    • Place an indoor/outdoor rug in front of your tent entrance for dirty shoes.
  • Bring duct tape for quick repairs of small tears, splintered tent poles and the like.

Camping Cabins and Deluxe Cabins
Our Camping Cabins and Deluxe Cabins provide space, comfort and privacy for family fun. Even on cool, wet days, you can stretch out and relax with games, crafts or a good book, and enjoy the sound of rain pattering on the roof as you stay warm and dry. In addition to our basic camping checklist, here are some tips for campers staying in KOA Kabins, Kottages or Lodges:

  • We provide beds, but you’ll still need to bring bedding (sleeping bags or linens, and pillows).
  • Don’t forget bath towels and personal items.
  • Cookware and utensils are provided at some locations, so be sure to check with the campground before you pack. Otherwise, plan on bringing your own.
  • For fun on rainy days and lamp-lit evenings, consider packing puzzles, cards and board games inside zippered bags for spill-proof transporting.

RV Camping
Traveling in your own RV? Check out our extensive library of articles on RV camping. You’ll find a wealth of friendly advice on what to bring, what NOT to bring, and how to keep your RV in tip-top shape.