Visit Quebec

Quebec Canada Graphic

The Province with “Joie de Vivre.”
KOA camping in Quebec

Jacques Cartier claimed the land for France and for nearly five centuries the spirit and vitality of French culture has grown. From small seaside villages to world-class cities North America’s version of French culture is friendly and welcoming. Québec is a destination for the senses. Residents smile and nod, bienvenue – welcome.

Experience a sense of place. A province with ancient mountains, expansive forests, thousands of freshwater lakes and streams and a dramatic coastline, Québec is naturally beautiful. From the rugged Gaspé Peninsula and the majestic Gulf of St. Lawrence to the southern plain that stretches between the Canadian Shield and the Appalachian Mountains, the landscape is dramatic. Hiking trails lead from one magnificent view to yet another. Waterways provide thrills for adventurers and quiet moments for reflection. Cities mix old-world traditions with the tempo of today.

Go for the fun of it. Québec exemplifies “joie de vivre” (joy of living). From the toe-tapping music of the Laurentians to Baroque ensembles in Montreal and Québec City, there is energy and a zest for the finest that life offers. Restaurants serve exquisite entrees labeled “poisson du le jour” and “les fruits de la saison.” Doorsteps convey a sense of pride and often a hint of humour. Residents encourage visitors to simply enjoy. Québec is a work of art.

Quebec Canada PhotoNot to be missed. Seek the music, anywhere, anytime. Visit Montmorency Falls, the highest falls in Canada, even higher than Niagara Falls. Take in the changing of the guard at the Citadelle du Quebec which includes plenty of old world pomp along with the Regimental Band and “Batisse,” the regimental goat. Take pause at The Plains of Abraham in the heart of Quebec City, awesome for its natural beauty and somber because of historic battles. Enjoy an air boat ride from dockside in Montreal and count butterflies at the Biodome.