Vacation Ideas in Rhode Island


Rhode Island is a place full of history, and Newport is a wonderful place to experience it! Newport is a great place to sail through the bay, look at the ancient mansions, or enjoy the Newport nightlife. Newport boasts numerous cultural events; festivals, concerts and shows. Its fresh seafood and ambiance are an authentic sample of New England. You don’t want to miss their July 4th celebration!

Colt State Park

Colt State Park is a 464 acre park known as the gem of the state park system. It boasts 4 miles of bike trails, numerous groves of trees and hundreds of picnic tables. The park is a popular destination because of its beautiful location. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the park while biking, walking or even riding horses. You can fish, sail, or just sit at the picnic table. And best of all, there are no entrance fees!