Vintage Windmills Still Spin At Unusual Museum in Texas

One of the world’s most comprehensive collections of historic windmills is on display at the American Wind Power Center and Museum in Lubbock, Texas.

You needn’t be a windmill “fan” to enjoy this 28-acre indoor and outdoor museum. Outside, you’ll admire 47 huge windmills spinning atop tall towers. One even has twin wheels!

Inside, you’ll marvel at more than 90 rare windmill heads standing on short towers. Plaques explain the background of each windmill and how it was used. (Not all windmills pumped water.)

Windmills were integral to settling the West. Farm families from across the country who desired to see their beloved machines prominently displayed in a permanent location donated many of the windmills to the museum.

Lubbock is in the Texas Panhandle, where I-27 and U.S. Highways 62/82, 84 and 87 intersect. The American Wind Power Center (1701 Canyon Lake Dr.) is just north of Highway 62/82 and less than a mile east of I-27 (Exit 3).

The museum is wheelchair accessible and donations are welcome. For details, consult

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